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About Cartagena


Cartagena is a fantastic city that guards the secrets of history in its walls, balconies, buildings and narrow cobbled streets.

Declared part of the UNESCO World Heritage in 1984, Cartagena encapsulates all the charm of Spanish colonial architecture, the republic period and today, the attractions of intense night-life, cultural festivals, exotic scenery, superb beaches, wonderful food and a wide offer of hotels and tourist infrastructure.

Walk the streets, look at the Spanish colonial buildings – the Palace of the Inquisition, the Clock-Tower and the Castle of San Felipe de Barajas; enjoy the soft, warm breezes as you pass through the squares and plazas.

Cartagena offers all the enchantment of its history and the legacy of those who made it great and turned it into one of the star cities in the Latin American touristic sector.

General Information


Our food is a combination of arab, spanish, caribbean, african, indigenous, prepared with the love of the women of Cartagena.

The streets of Cartagena are alive with the aromas of foods brought here by the Spanish, the natives and the Africans, which blend together to produce an extraordinary fusion of scents and tastes. The typical cuisine is varied and rich, prepared with fresh ingredients that blend fruits like the coconut, plantain, mango and corozo, as well as seafood and fish caught by the ancestral fishing communities.

Nothing is more popular and typical of this city than a refreshing tropical fruit platter served by a smiling "palenquera", or perhaps a visit to the Portal de los Dulces where the palate is seduced by delicious desserts made from Caribbean fruits. Pastry lovers will be delighted to try the best the city has to offer: arepa de huevo (a deep-fried patty stuffed with an egg), carimañola (yucca fritters) or a buñuelito de frijol (bean fritters), topped with a spicy sauce and washed down with an icy cold Kola Román.

Therefore, we invited you to experience the lovely dishes based on tropical fruits such as mango, coconut and plantain, also one of our special recommendation is the authentic taste of the fries accompanied by a good spicy with sour cream and "Kola Román" and for dessert do not forget to taste the sweets of "El Portal de los dulces" made of typical fruit of this beautiful region.



When the sun goes down, the other Cartagena lights up: the city of bars, nightclubs and nightlife which radiate with Caribbean joy.

Explore the night scene on board a chiva, an open-sided party bus, or dance until the break of dawn at the many clubs on Calle del Arsenal, 500 meters. Entertainment, good music and a nice drink help to relieve the stress and pave the way for a fun time.

But then there are also the bars at the Historic Center: come and discover the sounds and sensations of the conga drums and learn to dance the chacha. Places like Dónde Fidel, Habana, Bazurto Social Club and Quiebra Canto showcase the Caribbean experience.

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