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Contributed talk

Contributed Talk 1

A Note on the Specification of Conditional Heteroscedasticity Using an One-Loop TAR Model

FABIO NIETO, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Using time series trimmed-clustering methods to detect stationary periods in the sea state

PEDRO C. ALVAREZ ESTEBAN, University of Valladolid

Extended modelling and improved estimation for INAR (1) processes

KLAUS VASCONCELLOS, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco

Identification and Estimation of General ARMA models

IGNACIO LOBATO, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México

Contributed Talk 2

Stability for some linear stochastic fractional systems


Remarks on Stochastic Transport Equation


High order exponential-based LL methods for random differential equations

HUGO DE LA CRUZ, FGV-Fundação Getulio Vargas

Rate of Convergence to Equilibrium of Fractional Driven Stochastic Differential Equations with some Multiplicative Noise

JOAQUÍN FONTBONA, University of Chile

Contributed Talk 3

Reconstructing Past Climate from Natural Proxies and Estimated Climate Forcings using Short and Long-Memory Models

LUIS BARBOZA CHINCHILLA, Universidad de Costa Rica

Mixed Beta regression with penalized splines for severity in plant diseases

PEDRO TORRES-SAAVEDRA, Universidad de Puerto Rico at Mayaguez

Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Approach to General Functional Linear Regression for Exponential Families

CARLOS VALENCIA, Universidad de los Andes

A Stochastic Disease Transmission in an Epidemic Model Considering a Hyperbolic Incidence Rate

ALEJANDRA CHRISTEN, Universidad Católica de Valparaíso

Contributed Talk 4

Encouraging the Development of Global Capial Markets: The Role of Funded Pension Schemes

MARIA SEIJAS, Universidad de la República

Order Book Microstructure Visualization: The Case of Colombian High-Frequency Foreign.

ANDREA MARCELA CRUZ MORENO, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Multivariate Walks through Dimensions: The Turning Bands Equation Case

ALONSO-MALAVER CARLOS EDUARDO, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Impact of the central bank interventions on the Colombian exchange rate

LUIS MELO, Banco de la República, Colombia

Contributed Talk 5

Optimal Maintenance of a system subject to shocks and progressive deterioration

MAURICIO JUNCA, Universidad de los Andes

Stochastic Model for an Opportunistic Spectrum Access

VISWANATHAN ARUNACHALAM, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Performance Analysis of LTE-UMTS networks


Convergence in distribution for 1D contact process seen from its rightmost point

PABLO GROISMAN, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Contributed Talk 6

A PAC-Bayesian approach to bipartite ranking

SYLVAIN ROBBIANO, Universidad de Valparaíso

Bayesian regression models for continuous proportions with zeros and ones

LEANDRO CORREIA, Universidad de Sao Paulo

A Bayesian approach to beta regresión

JORGE FIGUEROA, Universidad de Concepción

Minimum Risk Point Estimation of Gini Index

BHARGAB CHATTOPADHYAY, University of Texas at Dallas

Contributed Talk 7

An Adaptive Run Test to Identify Markovian Dependence

VERGARA MORALES, Universidad de la Salle

Analysis of Sequential Tests by Using Simulation

ALVARO CALVACHE, Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia

Distribution Free Tests of Inequality Constraints on Conditional Moments

MIGUEL A DELGADO, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Compound Poisson Distribution Approximation via Semi Nonparametric Distributions.

GIRALDO NORMAN, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Contributed Talk 8

Continuous state branching processes in a Brownian motion

SANDRA PALAU, Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas A.C.

Minimal clade size od Beta-coalescent trees

ARNO SIRI-JÉGOUSSE, Universidad de Guanajuato

On the distribution of symbols in random weighted staircase tableaux

PAWEL HITCZENKO, Drecel  University

Time reversal duality for branching processes and applications

MIRAINE DÁVILA FELIPE, University Pierre and Marie Curie

Contributed Talk 9

Statistical Test for a Hidden Markov Model for Nucleotide Distribution in Bacterial DNA

MARCELO SOBOTTKA, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

Simultaneous confidence bands for the estimation of the mean discounted warranty cost for coherent systems

CARLOS MARIO LOPERA GOMEZ, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Kullback Leibler Procedure Versus the Ingnoring Mode of Failure Model for Approximating a Weibull to an Independent Weibull Competing Risks Model

SERGIO YÁÑEZ, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Weighted M-estimators in nonlinear regression for complete dataand with missing responses at random

PAULA MERCEDES SPANO, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Contributed Talk 10

Bootstrap-Based Uncertainty Measures for Empirical Best Predictors in Generalized Linear Mixed Models


A general class of zero-or-one inflated logit-skew-normal models

GERMAN MORENO, Universidad Industrial de Santander

Analysis of 2(k-p) Experiments with Beta Response Using a Model Doubly Restricted

LUIS FERNANDO GRAJALES H., Universidad Nacional de Colombia



Contributed Talk 11

Inter-temporal Equilibrium with State Dependent Utilities and Heterogenous Agents

JAIME LONDOÑO, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Utility maximization in pure-jump models with nonlinear wealth dynamics driven by marked point processes

RAFAEL SERRANO, Universidad del Rosario

Analytical approximations for pricing financial options in jump diffusion models using Mellin transforms

JOHN MORENO, Universidad Externado de Colombia

Jump-diffusion approximation of density dependent Markov chains in domains with boundaries

ENRICO BIBBONA, University of Torino

Contributed Talk 12

Robust and consistent variable selection in generalized linearand additive models

MARCO AVELLA MEDINA, University of Geneva

Robust estimators in additive models with missing responses

ALEJANDRA MARTINEZ, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Does Compressed Sensing have applications in Robust Statistics?

SALVADOR FLORES, Universidad de Chile

A New Robust Regression Model for Proportions

CRISTIAN BAYES, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Contributed Talk 13

Invasion, Coexistence and Extinction in Spatio-Temporallyy Heterogeneous Environments

ALEXANDRU HENING, University of Oxford

A Wavelet Based Multifractal Approach for the Analysis of Satellite Images

ORIETTA NICOLIS, Universidad de Valparaíso

On Probabilistic Stochastic Visual Communication


Goodness of Fit Test for Noisy Directional Data

THANH MAI PHAM NGOC, Laboratoire de Mathematiques Universite Paris Sud

Contributed Talk 14

On the regenerative nature of the extremal particles of supercritical one-dimensional contact processes

ACHILLEFS TZIOUFAS, University of Buenos Aires

Characterization of the support in Hölder norm of a wave equation in dimension three


A Central Limit Theorem for the Euler Characteristic of a Gaussian Excursion Set

José León (Universidad Central de Venezuela, Venezuela).

Wiener integrals with respect to the Hermite random field and applications to the wave equation

JORGE CLARKE, Universidad del Bio-Bio

Contributed Talk 15

Empirical Processes Methods for Functional Data Analysis

ADOLFO QUIROZ, Universidad de los Andes

Equilibrium Analysis of Respondent Driven Sampling Data from Guam Health Communication Survey

GRAZYNA BADOWSKI, University of Guam

Asymptotic statistical analysis of stationary ergodic time series


Cycle detection for microarray time series data

ISABEL LLATAS SALVADOR, Universidad Simón Bolívar

Contributed Talk 16

Isotropy Tests for Textured Images

FRÉDÉRIC RICHARD (Aix-Marseille Université, France).                 

Robust and Efficient Estimation of  High-Dimensional Scatter Matrices

RICARDO MARONNA (National University of La Plata, Argentina).



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